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Tiger Bay Model Update for SJRWMD
Year: 2011-2012 
Brief description:  Update and recalibration of the MIKE SHE / MIKE 11 model at Tiger Bay, FL, for St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).
Presentation: Lago, M.; Burger, P.; Sun, Q.; Integrated Groundwater/Surface Water Model to Evaluate Wetland Hydroperiods and Water Depths at the Tiger Bay / Bennett Swamp Area. 10th International Conference on Hydroscience & Engineering (ICHE), Orlando, FL, USA; November 4-8, 2012. 

BCB technical support to SFWMD
Year: 2012   
Brief description:  Update of the MIKE SHE / MIKE11 model, which is the base of the FLOODWATCH real time monitoring system.

Starvation Lake Model Review for SWFWMD
Year: 2011   
Brief description:  Review of the MIKE SHE / MIKE 11 Model in Northdale, FL for the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).

Collier County Watershed Model Update & Plan Development. Phase 2.
Year: 2010-2011   
Brief description: Development and calibration of a water quality MIKE11 / ECOlab eutrophication model for the Golden Gate watershed. The ECOlab template was built by using state variables, parameters, and equations as in the eutrophication module in WASP version 6. One of the main objectives is to study the contribution of the different WQ constituents loading and the groundwater inflow on the low DO levels observed. 
Lago, M.; Cabezas, M.; Water Quality Modeling of Golden Gate Canal System; 9th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference, Orlando, FL, USA; June 3-8, 2012. link
View poster here.

MIKE SHE multicell solver
Year: 2010   
Brief description:  Software evaluation/tests of the new multicell solver made available in the 2011 release of MIKE SHE.

Tarmac Mining Evaluation
Year: 2010   
Brief description:  MODFLOW (GWV) model update and recalibration near Yankee Town, FL. The steady-state model was used to evaluate the effect of a future rock mining project in wetlands water table levels, and groundwater discharge into estuaries.

Lee County DRGR MODFLOW model
Year: 2010   
Brief description:  Building and verifying MODFLOW model files equivalent to the DRGR MIKE SHE model.

Integrated modeling to study the fate and transport of micro-contaminants for the city of Plantation
Year: 2008  
Brief description:  Building transport model that comprised MIKE SHE AD, MIKE11 AD and ECOlab modules. Sorption and decay processes in ground-water and surface water were considered for five dissolved micro-contaminants. Decay processes included biodegradation, photolysis, evaporation and hydrolysis. The sediment transport and the effect of the sediment bed were also included in the simulations.

Ridge and slough ecohydrological dynamics at The Everglades National Park.
Year: 2007-2008   
Brief description:  Development of a conceptual and numerical model that integrates surface and groundwater flow, sediment transport, as well as, soil and vegetation dynamics. The numerical code was developed in MatLab. The model was developed to reproduce the ridge-slough pattern and to study the potential effects of hydrologic modifications on the stability and the dynamics of that pattern.
Lago, M., Miralles-Wilhelm, F., Mahmoudi, M., Engel, V.; Numerical modeling of the effects of water flow, sediment transport and vegetation growth on the spatiotemporal patterning of the ridge and slough landscape of the Everglades wetland. Advances in Water Resources 33 (10), 1268–1278 (2010).
Download paper here.

Immokalee Storm Water Master Plan.
Year: 2004   
Brief description:  Development, calibration and verification of the hydraulic model using XP-SWMM for city of Immokalee.

Phosphorous Modeling
Year: 2012   
Brief description:  Software evaluation tests of the different tools available in DHI (MIKE FLOOD, MIKE21 FM, and MIKE SHE) coupled to ECOlab in order to recreate the phosphorous processes in the WCA-1.

New MIKE SHE AD species
Year: 2012   
Brief description:  Software tests of the new species in the AD component made available in the 2012 release of MIKE SHE.

Collier county watershed model improvements
Year: 2011   
Brief description:  Update and recalibration of the MIKE SHE / MIKE 11 model at Collier County, FL, for South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).

Idaho Power Bliss DST Phase
Year: 2011   
Brief description: Improving the Decision Support System (DST) for Bliss Dam. The former auto-calibration approach was replaced by a more efficient one, coded in C#.
Engelmann, A.; Kilgren, R. ; Borden, C.; Kime, D.C.; Lago, M; Decision Support System for Hydropower Dam Operation; Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Reservoir System Modeling Technologies Conference, February 21, 2012. link.

Review of FUI's Model
Year: 2010   
Brief description:  Model review of the MIKE SHE / MIKE 11 Model developed by Florida International University (FIU) for the National Park Service (NPS) in The Everglades.

KBMOS Flood modeling QA Support for SFWMD
Year: 2010   
Brief description:  Model review of the KBMOS Flood MIKE SHE / MIKE 11 model developed by AECOM.

Broward Water Resources Plan
Year: 2010   
Brief description:  Support of the MIKE SHE / MIKE 11 and the SEAWAT modeling study, which included model calibration and scenario evaluations for Broward County.

Collier County Watershed Model Update & Plan Development
Year: 2009-2010 
Brief description:  Development, update, and calibration of MIKE SHE / MIKE11 model for Collier County. The model was used to extract water budget components, water table and hydroperiod maps. The model was also used to evaluate the effect of increasing the groundwater pumping rates by 10% and for design storm evaluations.

Lee County Integrated Model Development for DRGR
Year: 2008-2009  
Brief description:  Development and calibration of MIKE SHE / MIKE 11 model used to evaluate future land use conditions in the Density Reduction Groundwater Recharge (DRGR) area in southeastern Lee County, in particular the effect of mining pits, wetlands and urban development in water budget, water table elevation and hydroperiod. 
Award: CNU 2010 Charter Award.
Download final report here and presentation here.
Presentation in conference:
Lago, M.; Lee, S.; Vought, K.; Ottolini, R.; Hazlett, T.; Hydrological modeling study of the DR/GR Area in Lee County, Florida. Paper presented at the Spring 2010 Meeting, ASCE Texas Section, Austin, TX, held on April 11-13, 2010. Link.

Study of phosphorous cycling in the Tree Islands of The Everglades National Park.
Year: 2003-2008
Brief description:  Development of a model to study the spatial and temporal variability of the phosphorous pools and fluxes around the Tree Islands on Shark River Slough. The model includes surface and ground water flow, transport of dissolved phosphorous in surface and groundwater, adsorption on soil, suspended particle transport (including erosion and deposition), vegetation phosphorous uptake and release due to litter decomposition. The numerical model was implemented partially in MODHMS, which is based on MODFLOW, and the other part was coded in MatLab. The model results address fundamental questions regarding the importance of wading birds in the preservation of the tree islands, the origin of the sawgrass die-off and vegetation succession, and the effect of rainfall and ET rates on the phosphorous accumulation rate in the head of the tree islands.
Download PhD thesis here Funded by: National Science Foundation

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